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The conflict in the objectives for dipped beam headlamps: providing good visibility for the driver and limited dazzle for oncoming cars is regulated by law. Headlamps and their light sources are therefore safety relevant motor vehicle parts requiring official approval and prohibiting manipulation . Today there are still primarily three different regulations world-wide: European (ECE), US (SAE) and Japanese regulations. Headlamps can basically be classified into reflection type and projection type systems. Both versions have been used in the development of motor vehicles. Shortly after the turn of the 20th century Hella produced motor vehicle headlamps based on both systems in 1905. Progress in computer and production technology made it possible during the 80's and 90's to design the reflecting surfaces for headlamps differently. This resulted in spatially free formed reflectors used in FF and Super DE headlamps.
Typical Headlamps:
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Parabolic system
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Free Form (FF) system
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Ellipsoidal (DE) system
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Super DE (combined with FF)