BMW E36 fog lamps changed from white to Selective Yellow

A new set of BMW E36 colorless/white fog lamps was obtained, the lenses cleaned, and put through the yellowing process .

The lamps installed and powered on

It is notoriously difficult to take accurate, representative photos of a beam pattern. Nevertheless, this photo shows that the desired selective-yellow light color has been attained. The wash light above the beam pattern is due to standing water on the driveway in front of the car.

Which is which?

This Porsche 911 race car has four yellow lamps on it. Two of them are yellow from the lamp factory, their lenses made with Cadmium glass. The other two were originally colorless/clear and were converted. Which is which?

...Give up? It's the Marchal hood-mounted driving lamps. They were originally colorless, now a perfect match for the yellow glass lenses on the Marchal Amplilux headlamps.