All lamps are new and fitted with standard bulbs as applicable. The same power supply at 13.5v and the same light tunnel were used for each test.

Hella DOT H5006 5¾” headlamp low beam setting: Reasonably intense and well-placed low beam hot spot,
but narrow beam width, poor foreground lighting and lots of upward light that causes backglare in bad weather.

And the same lamp on high beam setting: Same beam pattern, shifted slightly upward-leftward:

Cibie complex-reflector ECE 5¾” round H1 low beam: Extremely intense, large, well-located hot spot. Very wide
beam width. Even lighting of the road surface. Enough light for overhead road
signs, but not so much as to cause backglare. No stray light, careful control of glare light:

And the matching high beam: phenomenally intense straight ahead of the car, with relatively narrow beam width
(spread in this system is provided by low beams remaining on with highs):